PELITA MEKAR SEMESTA - Plastic Recycle Industry

Our Commitment


Our commitment to give protection to the environment and a dedication to high level of quality is responsibilities that have to be achieved continuously. Equipped with latest machinery, ISO 9002 basis and skilful human resources are pollar to ensure our commitments.

Our commitment to customer is to give best and stable quality that can be received from recycle process. Raw material purity and sorting are very defining step to achieved our commitment.

Raw material is sorted in a very detail and careful process, done by highly experienced employee. Highly tranined human resources in sorting plastic is our main key to produce best product. Careful sorting will ensure purity process to get the desired quality in next recycle.

In recycle process PT PMS is committed to "Environmental Green and Clean" mission to both customer and environment. Realize of this commitment with fully responsibility PT PMS equipped its recycle process along its business journey with Integrated Waste Water Treatment Facility and ISO 14001 basis Environment Management System and always work hand in hand in monitoring waste with official goverment party in form of Good Corporate Goverment and Corporate Social Responsibility.