Established in Surabaya - Gresik at the year 2011, PT. Pelita Mekar Semesta is one of few Recycling Company in Indonesia that implements high standard in handling and processing Plastic Scrap.

By recycling plastic scraps and plastic waste, we are contributing to "Environmental Green and Clean” act.

PT. Pelita Mekar Semesta is a plastic recycle company which stand in a 29,000 square meters land with 11 main warehouse and several of supporting buildings that cover total more than 15,000 square meters. The company was established on 25 November 2011. It is professionally – runned with high standard and have an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. Factory is located at Desa Sumput, Driyorejo, Gresik, Indonesia.

We produce variety of plastic flakes and pellets include PP Film, PP Yarn, HDPE Blow, HDPE Film, LDPE Film and other types of plastic with best quality and regular supply. Our market covers from local, almost everywhere in Asia include China, Europe, Middle East and America.


Vision & Mission


To be one of the best and reliable plastic recycle industry which provides variety of recycled products with competitive price and professionally managed

  • Committed to use competent human resources and have a good management skill
  • Always use modern and up to date machinery
  • Committed to always improve quality which is supported by up dated laboratory
  • Support every effort to participate in preserving the enviroment and the earth


Our commitment to enviroment is to reduce waste and take participation by preserving the earth. Creating Circular Economy by also producing high value added recycle products. All this to make sure implementation of 4R is well established in the society

Our commitment to customer is to give best, reliable and stable quality that can be received from recycle process. Raw material purity and sorting are very defining step to achieved our commitment. Raw material is sorted in a very detail and careful process, done by highly experienced employees. Highly trained human resources in sorting plastic is our main key to produce best product.

In recycle process PT PMS is committed to "Environmental Green and Clean" mission to both customer and environment. Realize of this commitment with fully responsibility PT PMS equipped its recycle process along its business journey with Integrated Waste Water Treatment Facility, ISO 2001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 basis Environment Management System and always work hand in hand in monitoring waste with official goverment party in form of Good Corporate Goverment and Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our Credo

Our credo describes what matters most to us.

We live our credo every day.

Family First

People are our assets. We run, we flourished, and collaborate as a family. Reaching and moving towards the same purpose. Altogether

Excelling Competency

Our core competency is what matters the most. A deep understanding of know-how and precise execution are the reasons we’ve reached this point


Trust is proof of our quality that is acquired over time. Earning trust means you can rely on our integrity and strength. We do everything as we do it in on our own behalf

Adaptive & Agile

A fast-changing era demanding readiness and adaptive eagerness. Our coherent planning and adapt put us always ahead of and lead the competition

Sustainably Responsible

It is our call to take care of the planet as well as our society. Giving value in every move we make, reversing impact for every footprint the society has made


When a purpose has been set as the destination, there is no wall that could block our run. Attention to detail is lighting our path. Imagination and passion are our wall-breaking boosters.